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Abstract Figurative Animated

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Marcapiano is the creator of the artistic genre Abstract Figurative AnimatedTrademark Filed and Registered with the U.S. Washington Copyright Office, which is expressed in the four techniques he has developed:

Oil on canvas

Indian ink



Marcapiano customize all these techniques, now widely used in the artistic world, generating interest, wonder and admiration in any type of observer (enthusiasts, art critics, painters and connoisseurs of any age). All his works, regardless of the technique used, are traceable to kind of art he has designed “Abstract Figurative Animated”.

In fact, at first reading his works seem abstract, but, with a closer and deeper observation, they can be seen as figurative, because it is possible to find inside characters, animals or landscapes. Any interpretation depends on the sensitivity and imagination of each person. Here is shown an example with four different interpretations of “Viandante” (oil on canvas, 30×30 cm, 2012).

The peculiarity of this kind of art consists also in the dynamism of the creations of Marcapiano, because the viewer begins to see these characters move in their environment in a three-dimensional view. The animation of his art touches a lot of other components, which also affect the psychological, experiential and interpretative of each person. In fact, there are infinite facets of our personality and different experiences that affect our lives: this is reflected in a variety of interpretations that offer ever-changing perceptions of his works, as if in his paintings the artist had added a fourth dimension, the time. In this way Marcapiano involves us directly in his works, making creators ourselves in the first person and helping us to unleash the creativity and expressiveness that characterizes us.

Another animation of Marcapiano’s works is seen in the rotation of his paintings in the principal directions, each of one shows a new framework, with subjects and environments continually changing. Simple examples to understand this aspect are offered by the following two Oils.

In the first video you can see “Camaleonte” in the main direction (a chameleon) and in the rotated direction upside-down (a rooster).
In the second one you can see “Crescita” (in the main direction is a chick – baby, rotated 180 ° is a duck – adult).

In conclusion, the particularity of Marcapiano refers not only to technical and executive skills (each line is drawn exclusively by hand and instinctively without any sketch, thus excluding any graphical and instrumental help), but also refers to his ability to transform every emotion into movement and color.

Art with a great power of transmission, that wraps, captures and leads to enter into the picture to experience a journey not only in lines and colors, with various and sophisticated shades, but also into the sounds, noises, smells, tastes and play of light and reflections that a sensible person perceives in the paintings of Marcapiano. It is a unique and unforgettable trip of that precise moment , a fantastic journey of the child who live in each one of us, a journey into our person as if the painting acted as a mirror, a travel through time to relive sensations of past epochs and to enjoy emotions of future prospects.

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